Client Centered

At GBB, we see you not just as a receiver of financial advice
but as an active collaborator and
builder of your family's financial future.

Our Vision

Imagine you're starting a home project. Instead of hiring a full-time contractor, you're looking for guidance and tools to do it yourself. That's what our relationship with you is like. We provide you with the tools, guidance, assurance, and materials to construct your own financial blueprint. Through our collaborative approach, we ensure that your financial plan is uniquely tailored, aligning with your individual goals, values, and vision for your family's future.

Indicators You'll Excel with GBB

  • Catching Your Own Fish: If you're comfortable shaping your financial future, guided but not handheld, you'll align with our approach.

  • Investment of Time and Energy: Being a good fit with GBB means more than just investing money. It requires a commitment to your family's financial well-being, including about one evening a month to nurture and discuss your financial plan.

  • Tech Savviness: Comfort with technology, akin to a college student, is key for excelling with GBB. While we offer support, navigating our tools and software is essential.

  • Living Your Core Values: Believing that prosperity is more than wealth, and understanding that true success is grounded in meaningful values, indicates you'll thrive with GBB.

Who We Serve Best 

  • Newlyweds: Planning the future together, from home buying to family planning.
  • Parents with School-Age Kids: Alongside balancing current needs and planning for future education, we aid parents in cultivating early financial literacy for their children.
  • Parents with Teenagers: Parenting teenagers introduces a new spectrum of financial decisions that influence both the family's current well-being and long-term goals. This critical phase is a balancing act, requiring attention to immediate needs while laying foundational stones for future milestones.
  • Small Family Business Owners: Navigating the financial intricacies of family entrepreneurship.

When GBB Might Not Be The Best Fit

  • Complex Financial Management Concerns: If managing your finances feels intricate and you can't envision handling them on your own, even with guidance, our approach might not align.
  • Income and Investable Assets: If your annual income exceeds $250,000 or you have investable assets over $3 million, there may be services better tailored to those specifics.
  • Outsourcing Preferences: If you're searching for a hands-off approach and prefer not to be actively involved in financial planning.
  • Reliance on Direct Financial Commands: If you're looking to simply follow instructions without understanding or participating in the financial planning process, our collaborative and empowering style may not be the best match.


The newlywed phase is a delicate interweaving of dreams and responsibilities. Sound financial planning here turns dreams into achievable goals, building resilience against the challenges that life often presents.

  • Home buying preparation: Strategically plan and save, readying yourselves for the property market.
  • Family budgeting: Carve out a sustainable budget for a growing family.
  • Benefit optimization: Optimizing benefits from employers and other sources becomes a pivotal exercise for newlyweds, helping to maximize shared resources while planning for the future
  • Financial planning for infertility treatments and adoptions: Compassionately address unique family needs with foresight.

Advantage of Investing in Early Planning: Finances are a top reason for marital disputes and eventual separations. Proactively addressing these concerns can fortify the union against such strains, ensuring both partners are aligned in their fiscal journey.

Parents of <br/>School-Age Children

Parents of
School-Age Children

As children mature, their dreams and aspirations expand. Now is the time to adapt to their evolving needs while strengthening the family's financial edifice. Laying a solid foundation ensures their future shines bright

  • Trust and Wills: Protect the well-being of your children, ensuring they're cared for in any scenario.
  • Planning for costs of child care or home schooling: Strategically address evolving educational needs.
  • College and career planning for children: Illuminate their path to future ambitions.
  • Kids' financial literacy: Impart crucial financial skills, turning future challenges into opportunities.
  • Allowances: Instill values of responsibility and financial understanding.

Advantage of Investing in Early Planning: Parents often save thousands for their children's education, yet without financial literacy, these investments can be underutilized. The strain of financial challenges leads to increased stress, depression, and other mental health concerns. Investing in financial education equips children to leverage their skills and talents, converting them into sustainable financial assets.

<strong>Parents with Teenagers<br/></strong>

Parents with Teenagers

Navigating your child's teenage years brings an evolving landscape of financial decisions that impact both parents and teens. These years serve as a critical period for setting the financial trajectory for the whole family, tackling immediate challenges while laying the foundation for future endeavors.

  • College Planning for Kids: While exploring options for your child's higher education, parents often grapple with their own financial adjustments. Balancing current expenses with future investments is a dance that requires careful planning.
  • Retirement Contributions and Career Advancements: For parents, this stage often coincides with peak earning potential and retirement planning. Your decisions now will impact the family for years to come.
  • Career Preparation for Teens: The costs and time commitment involved in career guidance for your teens can weigh on the family budget and schedule. Making wise choices here is integral to family growth.
  • Budget and Family Financial Transparency: Opening up the family books for discussion invites a sense of collective responsibility.
  • Values-Driven Financial Choices: More than ever, the choices you make now are teachable moments that can instill core values such as responsibility, integrity, and self-reliance into your teens.

Advantage of Investing in Early Planning: The challenges and opportunities that arise during your children's teenage years offer a dual focus—addressing immediate needs while planning for future prosperity. A family-inclusive approach to these intricate financial decisions ensures collective growth and paves the way for a financially secure future for all family members.

<strong>Small Family Businesses</strong>

Small Family Businesses

Launching a family business is not merely a commercial endeavor; it's a pathway to freedom. This freedom encompasses the agency to drive purpose, champion family values, and make influential decisions. It offers the flexibility of time, enabling families to bond deeper and support their communities generously. From the strategic inception to daily operations, every decision reflects a blend of professional aspirations and personal commitments, laying the foundation for a legacy that transcends profits.

  • Communicating the Business Vision to the Family: Ensure every family member understands, aligns with, and champions the business's direction.
  • Development and Launch of Business Plans: Craft, refine, and implement a robust strategy, ensuring the business not only launches successfully but sustains growth.
  • Financing Strategies for New Ventures: Dive deep into potential financing avenues, ensuring the business is well-capitalized from the get-go.
  • 401k setup and administration: A pivotal step to secure the future of those integral to the business's success.
  • Business budgeting and financial planning: Steer the enterprise towards consistent growth and profitability.
  • Tax planning, leveraging benefits, and retirement accounts: Utilize all available financial instruments to optimize profits and benefits.
  • Investment and expansion strategies: Pinpoint and act on growth opportunities, propelling the family's entrepreneurial dream forward.
  • Incorporating children into the business: Seamlessly bring in the next generation, imparting both financial acumen and the ethos of the family brand.

Advantage of Investing in Early Planning: Venturing into a family business requires a harmonious fusion of professional objectives and personal values. Proactive planning ensures the business emerges as a beacon of unity,

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