Financial Planning Process

The financial planning process at Good Better Best (GBB) involves four key steps designed to empower families
to take control of their finances, build a secure future together, and cultivate strong family values:

Family Financial Foundation

 Comprehensive exploration of the family's finanical position, skills, interests, goals, values, and weaknesses. This deep understanding of their financial situation allows for the creation of tailored recommendations matching their unique aspirations and values.

Design Specific Recommendations

Drawing from the family's financial foundation, the advisor offers simplified, focused recomendations, targeting oppertunties for improvment.  Prioritizing the most substantial aspects for an improved financial situation.

Family Financial Planning

Families, collaboratively develop and execute a financial plan that addresses unique goals and challenges.  Shaping a family mission statement and a robust value system, enhancing financial literacy and advancing towards long-term financial security.

Recurring Advisory Reviews

Families regularly meet with their advisor to review financial milestones and core values, receiving focused guidance and collaborative develop the families next steps for continuous growth and goal alignment. 

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