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About Good Better Best
Financial Planning

Good Better Best

My journey to founding Good Better Best (GBB) is deeply personal and meaningful. Initially, I considered working with my entrepreneur father while planning my career, but after his passing, I decided to become a financial advisor to help people in his memory. 

Our Primary Purpose

As I became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, I discovered that implementing wise financial habits was a greater challenge than simply knowing the right course of action. I realized that families provided a strong support system and safe environment for learning and growth, with parents being deeply invested in their children's success.

I created GBB to serve families who have children or are planning to have children. These families are typically DIYers with a good foundational knowledge of finances and are tech-savvy. They face unique financial challenges such as communicating about finances with their children, teaching children about money and allowances, saving money for donations, preparing for emergencies, and budgeting as a family.

The core values and beliefs of GBB focus on fostering an environment in which families can learn together and solve their problems collaboratively. GBB emphasizes the importance of replacing good actions with better ones and better actions with the best, promoting values like honesty, hard work, teamwork, and self-reliance. Encouraging family discussions about money and early financial education for children are integral to GBB's approach. Family time and investing in their knowledge are highly valued, with the belief that prosperity will manifest in the lives of those who establish strong values.

My unique approach to financial planning with GBB emphasizes the family unit and empowers families to learn and grow together, providing a strong foundation for long-term financial success and prosperity.

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